Tras la aprobación de la Reforma en materia de Telecomunicaciones, en México se marcó la pauta para que los operadores de telefonía móvil del país se reglamentaran bajo ciertos beneficios para los usuarios como el liberar tu teléfono sin costo. Si tienes un Motorola Moto G actualizado a Android 4.4.2 KitKat, es posible que sea uno de los usu… Read More

Warren Buffett on Probability analysis- At the core of his inventing philosophy, one basic principle - probability analysis, has been the north star of his strategy Example -Warren Buffett began applying the principle of probability analysis as a boy.In the meantime, Buffett's article should be seen for what it is - an attempt by him to raise taxes… Read More

Today we're going to learn from Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor and their motivation. Summary : "He should try to fight nobody else...get that license, fight Mayweather if you're going to do it, make you $100 million, and get back to'll be a good.. Conor McGregor: Always. Conor, Floyd, Dana, Haymon, UFC and Nevada State Athletic Commi… Read More

Motivation is key to school success. Despite her best efforts, as a working professional, wife and mom to now 3-year old son Javier (affectionately known as JJ), she found herself falling behind in her coursework. Learn how to use the power of affirmations to improve your life, build good habits, increase confidence, and to attract success, love an… Read More